Wednesday, August 15, 2018

HOW am I even writing this post right now?! The twins are T W O and I just can't believe it! They are getting more fun each day and their personalities are the best. 

Cal, you are a true Mama's boy in the best way. Our snuggle sessions are REAL and the way you hold my face with both of your hands turns me into a puddle. I did not know what a relationship with a boy would be like but I now know full well. It is the best! Your boyish grin melts me and the way you get "happy feet" when you are excited is so darn cute. You love to play with me and make me laugh and your favorite spot is in my arms. You still like to be sung to and rocked every night before bed and it's the most special time with me. Our bond is unbreakable.  

Evie, you are a spicey peanut! Your personality is LOUD and so fun and we are constantly laughing at you. Your facial expressions are hilarious and the way you say "Ummmmmm?" when you are making a decision or answering a questions is hilarious. When I picture you I see you with your head thrown back and your eyes closed and the wildest laugh coming out of your mouth. You never run in a straight line and your arms always trail behind you. And while I wouldn't pin you as 100% a Daddy's girl, you sure do love spending time with him and ask for him even when I'm around. You live life to the fullest and I can't wait to see what the future holds for you! 

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