Fair Game: OC Fair

Monday, August 6, 2018

Every year I drag bring Matt to the fair. For a while it was just us and Blair but this year we finally brought the twinkies along for their first visit! I fed Matt a burger and a beer and he ended up being okay with it. ;) The kids loved the hustle and bustle of the crowd, the corn dogs, and the bright lights. Cal chose to ride a ride with Blair and Evie opted for our friend Jojo to win her a stuffed unicorn at the balloon popping game. Everyone was a winner! You know all it took for me to be happy was a corn dog (of course).

For me the fair is a bloggers dream...the photo ops are endless! I'd be down to bring outfit changes but I'm pretty sure M would leave me stranded with all three kids if I suggested it. ;) Are you guys into the fair? It's the perfect thing to do while our Disneyland passes are blocked!

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