Happy Belated New Year!

Monday, January 29, 2018

Soooooo I'm realizing it's almost February and I never really posted on the new year! Even though it's over and done with (and most people are neck deep in Valentine's Day) I wanted to post about it since this is my digital journal/scrapbook. :)

For us NYE was staying at home in our pj's with good friends, eating good food, and playing a game while watching the ball drop. Since the twins came along our NYE adventures are a bit lame toned down (and I'm okay with that!). It's a season! This year I busted out some old decorations and got fancy with Blair for fun before the festivities began and my pajamas came out. ;)

Cal was around but to be quite honest he doesn't enjoy dressing up as much as the girls. ;) Happy belated New Year!

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