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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Over the weekend I flew with Cal to visit a friend in northern California. We were on our way to celebrate my best friend's son's first birthday so I took Cal (he flies free!) and the two of us enjoyed some one-on-one time!

We took a one hour flight to San Jose and I made sure to pack a few things that would make his flight (and my life) easier. Below is a list of the things that kept us both happy!

1. Snacks (pack a variety)
- On the way there I grabbed a bean and cheese burrito from Del Taco and it was possibly the best decision I've had in a while haha. He waved that thing around and gnawed on it the whole flight!

2. Books
-His favorite are Little Blue Truck, Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site, Where do Diggers Sleep at Night?, and anything Bizzy Bear.

3. Blankie/Lovey
A blankie or lovey for cuddling.

4. Small Toys
I brought him a few of his favorite die cast cars so he could zoom them on the fold down table.

Happy 1st birthday, Kai! 
Happy Camper!

I can't wait for these two boys to grow up together! I'm already excited for the camping and hiking their dads will take them on. So great to have good friends!

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