Letterfolk: Yesterday's letter board for today's home.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Unless you live under a rock you've seen all the hype going on over Letterfolk boards. And for good reason! These old school boards have made a come back from from their glory days of listing the hymns at church on Sunday morning and are now adorning hipsters' homes everywhere. Including mine (although I'm definitely not a hipster)! ;)

The boards come in all different sizes, colors (grey, black, white), and frame finishes. I chose the oak finish in the "writer" (medium) sized board and have been loving playing with mine. M and I like coming up with sassy/snarky phrases and I imagine we will soon be leaving each other "love notes" in plain sight. Blair also likes to practice her sight words and name on it too. It's a gift for the whole family! ;)

Beyonce is always copying my style...
The board comes with a slew of letters/numbers/punctuation and a nifty bag to store it all in. 

Lucky Matt ;)

One of my favorite verses that encouraged me through infertility. 

You should definitely check out Letterfolk and follow them on Instagram @letterfolk. Their posts always make me chuckle and give me inspiration for my own board. This would also be a great gift for anyone. You could take monthly photos of your baby with this board, write down your latest epiphany, quote your favorite Bible verse or song lyric etc. So many options! Depending on your mood you can keep it casual or make it inspiring...the options are endless!

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