Tuesday, September 13, 2016

I wanted to take some time and write a post about why we chose the names Everly Grace and Calvin Noah for our twins. There's meaning behind each name and I think it's important to document why we chose them. 

Avery has been a name that M and I both really loved for a long time. However, it really started to get popular and I wanted something a bit more unique (although of course now I'm hearing it more). Evelyn happens to be the first name of Matt's gramma AND happens to be the name of a pharmacist at Costco who sold me my infertility meds at one point. You can read the whole story about Evelyn HERE but basically she went through IVF too and was a great encouragement to me. I've wanted to go back to that Costco and tell her all about the ending to our IVF story but no one seems to know of her there... very strange.

So, because of these reasons we decided to go with a spin off of "Evelyn" and name our sweet girl Everly. We call her Evie for short. Her middle name, Grace, is mostly a given to why we decided that was fitting. In the midst of our struggle with infertility God and his redeeming grace always showed up. Whether it was the timing of him giving M a new job with infertility health coverage, to the way that he sustained BOTH of these babies from the very beginning...there was grace. 

We picked "Calvin" because of Matt's love of the comic "Calvin and Hobbes" (seriously) and because it was unique enough for me and I loved the nickname Cal. Originally when we thought we were having two boys their names were going to be Calvin and Cohen. I even purchased Pottery Barn Easter baskets, personalized of course, for each of them! They were on sale and you know I can't pass up a good sale! Everly just might have to use Cohen's basket next year for a good laugh. 

For Calvin we chose the middle name Noah because Noah was a man of great faith in the Bible. He obeyed God and built that ark in the middle of a heat wave. If that isn't great faith then I don't know what is! God was so faithful to us throughout our journey. I would think that he had forgotten about us and then he would show up in ways that only God could. He strengthened me on days when I thought I could no longer go on and when we were obedient to his plan for our family he was faithful. I realize that obedience doesn't always render a response from God (we obey because we love him) but in his grace God was faithful beyond my wildest dreams. 

These babies are truly miracles and I will never grow tired of telling their story. It is an incredible one and the details make it almost unbelievable. God continues to be faithful and his grace is new every morning. Even on mornings when we didn't sleep he strengthens us! And that is a miracle too. ;) 


  1. Beautiful names for beautiful babies!

  2. Beautiful names with wonderful meanings!
    I can't get over Evelyn from Costco being such an encouragement to you, and nobody knows who she is? God does some wild things!

  3. Love the names! I'm so picky about names and you nailed it! And that picture of Cal has me laughing out loud! (Hi!)


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