Baby Wise with Twins Day 1

Monday, September 19, 2016

This twin thing is no freaking joke. And if you haven't had the challenge blessing of having twins then you truly can't understand one hundred percent. I literally have a post-it with a handful of twin moms that I know written down on it so I can text them for reinforcement ha ha.

We did Baby Wise with Blair and were super successful with her sleeping habits. You can read about our experience HERE. And what a joke...I thought sleep training ONE was hard...HA! Sleep training twins is insane.

Actually it's not totally insane. The nights are going way better than the days. Before we started BW the twins were waking up every two hours (read I get one hour of sleep). They were sleeping all sorts of horrible ways...sometimes on us in bed, on us in the recliner, on us in the ergo, on their nursing pillow while strapped around me...basically anywhere that wasn't near us didn't work because they would cry.

M and I decided we couldn't live like this, or sleep like this for that matter. We started BW with Blair at about 7 weeks. This time around we weren't about to wait that long. The twins were 4 weeks and 4 days when we moved them into their room.

On Friday night we nursed them and put them down in their rock-n-plays expecting the worst. I was thinking of all the things I was going to do overnight while we were up. Painting my nails, showering, filling out their baby books, watching tv etc. We put them down at 11pm (late, I know) because B had a soccer game and then we ate dinner and that was just the next  available time we could put them down in their cycle.
Ready for her first soccer practice! She kept saying, "I love soccer ball, Mom!" I nursed in the car while watching her. ;) 

And ready for her first soccer game. She was SO offended that someone touched her while playing so she stood a good portion with her arms crossed over her chest. M is the assistant coach and wears Cal in a front pack while on the field. This is life!

Much to our surprise they actually went to sleep in their beds!!! Granted they were still waking up every two hours we still considered it a success because THEY WERE IN THEIR OWN BEDS in their own room!
Tummy time is exhausting! 

The next day we worked on their naps in their own room. No success. It was seriously such an exhausting day and M and I were so frustrated because it seemed that one would go down only to have the other one wake up and wake the other one up. We were letting them cry for 10 minutes then going in to soothe them and lay them back down. Finally after two failed nap cycles they fell asleep after nursing at 3pm and we just put them in their beds and they napped for 2 hours!

Say goodbye to sleeping with Mama. For the record that is my shoulder btw. ;) 

Unfortunately this is not the goal. With BW you want them to eat, play, and then sleep. But because they hadn't napped all day we let them sleep. Baby steps! Plus we had to look at the positives...they were napping in their own bed and not on us in an Ergo. Winning.
Wake time in their boppies in the front yard. 

We attempted another failed nap and then the next cycle was bed time. Easy. Nurse them and then watch them sleep. ;)

Getting their naps down is also crucial for Blair. The poor girl has been put on the back burner while we try to figure life out. I try to set up play dates for her as often as possible and am glad she gets to go to preschool every day but she needs Mommy and Daddy time too still. Here she is at McDonald's with me and her grandparents. Just look at that smile!

Stay tuned to see what happens in day two! This is riveting stuff, I know. Har har.

Oh, and just for fun this is a picture of M when he was first born. I see Calvin...don't you?!

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  1. We're Babywise fans for life!! It's instilled SUCH healthy sleep habits for our kids, which makes for a happy family. I don't know how you do it with twins, hang in there!! You're brand new in the thick of it still, it's good to hear you are being flexible and going with the flow. You are a super momma!! :)


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