Blair's First Train Ride

Friday, July 8, 2016

It's been ages since M and I have taken the train to the beach. Since Blair had never been we decided to take her last weekend. She has three things on her bucket list for this summer:
1. ride a train
2. go to a dinosaur museum
3. see a volcano

One of those probably won't be possible. ;)

We went with a group of friends and had a great time! I would totally do it again...just not on the 4th of July weekend. To say the train was crowded was an understatement. We actually were able to get our tickets for free with a coupon we got in the mail which is even better! That gave me a little extra money for an iced mocha and a soft serve cone. :)

And why am I the only lady with all my clothes off?! Insert hands covering face emoji.
This is definitely something I would like to do a few times a year. Such a great trip and B was totally entertained looking out the window on the way there. Not having to find and pay for parking was a dream. Plus getting to nap/play on my phone/read on the way home was pretty sweet too. Happy Friday everyone...have a great weekend!

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