32 Weeks

Monday, July 11, 2016

Last Friday I had my last anatomy scan for the twins (since everything has been normal thus far). These are my favorite appointments...it's just so awesome to see how big they are and what they are up to in there.

At 32 weeks...
Baby boy is 4 pounds 11 ounces. Just in case you aren't sure that is HUGE. He's 5 ounces from being 5 pounds! Good for him...bad for me lol. He is head down still (yay!) and has hair on his head. He is on my left side and is the B baby which means he will come out second.

At 32 weeks...
Baby girl is 3 pounds 13 ounces...just 3 ounces away from being 4 pounds! She is also quite large but not as beastly as her brother. Since she is also big the doctor's aren't worried about the (almost) 1 pound difference in their weight. She is also head down and has a TON of hair according to the ultrasound tech. Blair also had a lot of hair when she was born so maybe little sister will look like big sister?

If you do the math that's 8.5 pounds of baby inside me. At 32 weeks. No wonder my back hurts and I've gained 43 pounds!!! I'm measuring about 40 weeks. No stretch marks yet but I'm sure they are coming for me...

At this point I am dying of discomfort. I can't do car rides for longer than 30 minutes because it just kills my back. I spend most of my days laying on my side on the couch to relieve my back pain or relaxing in my recliner with pillows under my feet to relieve my swollen left ankle. With both babies heads on my left side it's no wonder that leg has varicose veins and swells quickly. Oy! Just a friendly reminder that I didn't have ANY of these symptoms while prego with Blair. One baby versus two really makes a difference!

My hands have swollen so much that my ring no longer fits. I've been getting acid reflux occasionally at night when lying down to go to sleep. Oh, and sleep? That's a joke. But it sure ain't gonna get better any time soon!

The babies move like crazy and that I just love. Even when sweet baby girl gets her foot under my ribs and flicks them out. It reminds me that they are in there, happy and healthy.

I know it sounds like a lot of complaining but really I just want to document what my body is going  through and is capable of.

I'm pregnant. With twins! And that trumps all my pregnancy woes hands down.


  1. You look amazing!!! I feel like they could really come at any point now, though I know it's best for them to stay put. SO excited for you! XO

  2. How exciting! You look amazing and just think this discomfort is almost over! Very soon will they be in your arms!


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