Spring Break

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Over spring break we spent the week down at the beach with my Mom and nephew. Blair had SO much fun practicing being a big sister to her cousin and actually cried when it was time for him to go home. I taught her some tricks to getting a one year old to do what you want such as:

When he has a toy you want ignore him and he will drop it in 30 seconds. Then make your move.


When he has a toy you want bring him something else of interest and trade him. 

You gotta be smarter than the one year old, right? Of course we told her that she needs to share and be patient because he is a lot younger than her but a few "outsmart the baby" strategies never hurt anyone. ;)

swim suit: gap

The kiddos loved swimming every morning and had amazing naps because of it! Blair was quite the little fish and really did a good job entertaining herself (which meant I got to relax by the pool!).

It was all fun and games in the wading pool till we noticed some brown flakes floating by. Apparently my nephew's swim diaper didn't do its job. My Mom was mortified and hauled him out of there at lightening speed. We informed maintenance of the mishap and then watched all the other kids go for a swim in there. KIDDING. We threw a chair in the middle of the pool with a NO SWIMMING sign on it. ;) Poop happens.

Towards the end of the week the weather got rainy so Blair and I headed to some outlets for coffee and shopping. It was a fun little date and we got some adorable things for her and the twins. Despite a cold that she got at the end of spring break I would say it was a success!

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  1. Sounds like a fun week!! Blairs swimsuit is my favorite! I love seeing how you dress her. My daughter is the same age, I will be sad when she starts wanting to pick out her own clothes lol


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