Curious Chef in the Kitchen

Monday, March 28, 2016

Over the weekend Blair helped us prep for Easter dinner with her cooking kit courtesy of Curious Chef. She helps M prep meals regularly and was thrilled to have her own personal set of real kitchen tools. Having her help in the kitchen gives her something to do and teaches her about healthy eating and food prep. Win-win-win!

We worked together to make a fruit salad and then sliced up some cucumber so she could dip it in ranch dressing (any excuse) and I could have a refreshing drink!

The first thing we did was wash our fruits and veggies with the Curious Chef scrubber.

We used the apple cutter to slice up our apples.

Next, Blair used the knife to chop the apples into smaller pieces. She looks like such an adults here cutting her own food!

We used the melon baller to scoop out some watermelon.

And eat some...

Stirring up the salad!

Then we used the veggie peeler to shave the cucumber. 

Back at it again (with the white Vans!) with the knife!

Down the hatch the cucumbers went...anything is possible with ranch dressing. ;)
Mommy enjoyed a refreshing drink after all her hard work! :)
 We loved our Curious Chef kit and look forward to continuing to use it with Blair. Curious Chef has a ton of cute and useful tools on their sure to check them out for your little one or great gift ideas! They even sell on Amazon!


  1. This is so perfect!! She's going to be making YOU dinner in no time!

  2. I totally started saying with the white vans after reading back at it again-so glad you added that-haha


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