The 911 Call

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

We had the kind of day yesterday that no one wants to have. If you follow my personal facebook account you may have seen that M was taken to the ER early Sunday morning. Here's the scoop (with his permission of course)...

We woke up around 7:30 (correction: Blair woke us up around 7:30) and M hadn't been feeling well with a cough and a headache for the last couple days. He got out of bed to get a thermometer to see if he had a temperature and next thing I notice is that he's collapsed in a chair. I initially thought, "Oh, he must just be really feeling bad and needed to sit down." I started saying his name and when he didn't respond I flew out of bed and tried shaking him and saying his name. When he was still unresponsive I grabbed my phone and called 911.

By this point I was hysterical. I had never seen him act this way before and I thought he was either having a seizure or a heart attack. The poor 911 dispatcher probably told me to calm down three times but the only thing that was going through my mind was, "Oh my gosh he's dying. I can't raise three kids without my husband!" I think I may have even mentioned this to her, "Tell the ambulance to hurry up! I'm pregnant with twins!" It's a little funny now... always thinking about myself. ;)

While I was on the phone she asked me a bunch of questions and had me determine whether or not he was breathing. This was after I had searched for his pulse and was unable to find it (insert AWFUL gut wrenching feeling here). Later I would discover that his blood pressure was really low which made this difficult. I was able to feel his breath coming out so that was a good sign. Once this was determined I ran to put pants on (priorities), unlock the door, and then flag the firemen inside.

By this point M was in and out of consciousness. I couldn't keep him alert and he was dripping in sweat. At one point he opened his eyes and said, "What?" And I was like, "You're freaking me out! I just called 911!!!" He shut his eyes again and said, "Ok" like it was something I do everyday. It seemed an eternity for help to arrive. It was likely about five minutes but still! When you think your husband may have had a heart attack every minute counts!

The firemen came upstairs and ran a bunch of tests on M. They suggested that I take Blair out of the room so she didn't get scared. Too bad she was watching a show on the iphone (like she does every weekend morning so we can sleep) and was completely unaware of what was happening. I'm like, really Blair?! Did you not think anything of me crying and shaking your Dad?! In hindsight I can see that this is a good thing but geeze child...get a clue!

After a few tests they determined M did not have a heart attack and they weren't sure about a seizure either. They said they thought he fainted and that his blood pressure was low. Either way he couldn't stand on his own so they loaded him up in this blanket thing with handles and carried him down the stairs. I apologized for him being heavy and they were like, "Um this is nothing Ma'am." They threw him on a gurney and loaded him into an ambulance to take to our local hospital.

By this time he was somewhat conscious which made me feel better. I put on a bra (it had to happen) and my Mom drove me down to the hospital while my brother and his girlfriend took care of Blair.

After running blood tests, urine tests, an ekg, and a CT scan all M's results came back normal (praise God!). They mostly pointed to dehydration which seems pretty lame but I was happy to hear it! M spent the rest of the day pretty out of it but when they brought him back after his CT scan I asked him how it went and he said, "Well, they didn't find any cats." He was so serious about it and said it with his eyes still closed so it made us all laugh. Real funny, M.

After he was released from the hospital we spent the rest of the day resting. I was SO thankful for our friends and family that day. My parents flew out of bed to come help with Blair immediately and our friends brought us food, company, and prayers. Having people who love us so much close by makes a huge difference. And while I'd love to move I really can't replace them! Friends/family is where home is...or something cheesy like that. ;)

Fast forward to today. I was anxious to have my ultrasound (no surprise there) after all the stress my body had been through on Sunday. I knew that kind of panic couldn't be good for growing babies. But my ultrasound was great and God protected those little peanuts! He is the sustainer of life and I'm so thankful he kept those babies safe! I'm sure they did get a healthy dose of cortisol though. ;)

Both babies are measuring 9 weeks 3 days and had heart rates of 179 and 178. Music to my ears every time! We could see them wiggling around, moving their arms and legs. We even saw their umbilical cords moving to the beat of my heart. Such a miracle! Next week is my last appointment at the fertility clinic...I can't even believe it! Then I transfer over to my OB and see him once a month.

In the midst of all the drama I forgot to take my 9 week photo...I guess there's always today!


  1. How scary!! However, I love that Blair was oblivious to it all and that Matt reportedthey didn't find any cats! Hahaha. Your writing and wording always makes me laugh out loud! I'm so so glad all is well again for you 5. :) God is so good.

  2. How scary! However I love that Blair was oblivious and that Matt told you they didn't find any cats. Hahaha! Your writing and wording always makes me laugh out loud! I'm so glad all is well again with you five. :) God is so good. I hope you all rest well today.

  3. Holy smokes, I am so glad that everyone is ok - him, you, babies. What a scare!! And sweet Blair...I guess it's better that she was oblivious!

  4. Oh my goodness - how scary!!! So glad everyone was okay - babies and your hubby :)

  5. UGH, tears! I am so, so happy to hear your husband is okay and that the babes are also!! What a blessing.

  6. Um OMG! I would have been freaking out too! Sooo so glad he was okay! Praise God! Hope he's well on his way to recover.

  7. What a scare!! I'm so sorry you all went through this! So glad that the hubby and the babies are safe and healthy!


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