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Friday, February 5, 2016

I've been hearing a lot about a restaurant in my town called "Health's Kitchen." All the cool, hipster, healthy people go there and I've been wanting to try it out (not that I am any of those things). Yesterday while out running errands I happened to stumble across it and checked it out with Blair.

I ordered a chicken salad sandwich to go and some mac n cheese to go for B. While we waited for our food the server brought her a cup of tangerine juice and some homemade flax seed crackers (which were delicious!)!
Poor girl has Daddy's cold. Those eyes!
We played "I spy" for a while..which is another story in itself. Blair basically says, "I spy a glass of orange juice" instead of saying "something orange." She kills me. I've tried explaining her fault but she doesn't seem to care. Oh well.

We also checked out some cool gold fish they had swimming around. Apparently they release carbon dioxide and then that water gets transferred to some plants that take it in and release oxygen back to the fish pond. I know that sounded super legit and scientific. Definitely quote me on your next bio paper.

We got our food to go and the server opened the door for us (chivalry!) and told us he hoped to see us soon. I was nice and shared half my sammy with M when I got home and then Blair shared half her mac n cheese with me. Everything tasted super fresh and hormones or antibiotics! I'm for sure going back...maybe even this weekend for breakfast! Nom nom. :)

Have a great weekend friends! And even though I'm ten weeks now here's my late 9 week photo from earlier this week. :)

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  1. place looks awesome and sandwich even better.... we play I Spy the same way around here, but it;s more Ashlynn finding something, staring at it, and saying it's color, I'll make an incorrect guess and her reply is "no silly, it's ______" so much for playing along!


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