Oh Christmas Tree

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Today's (one of) the big day(s)! I have to say I am completely overwhelmed by the amount of people who are praying for me. People who I didn't even think knew I existed let alone know about my deepest struggle. I'm feeling thankful, hopeful, and cared for. it feels so amazing to have a huge group of cheerleaders (you guys!) behind me. I'll let you know as soon as I am able to how my egg retrieval goes today. Thank you in advance for all your prayers!

In other news we picked out our Christmas tree at the quaint location of Home Depot last weekend. :) We literally bought the first one we saw. Done and done! Dirty Baby helped us choose too!

Well if IVF doesn't work out I can always haul Dirty Baby around. She's a close second to a real baby. ;)

Normally we decorate two trees but this year I didn't have it in me. We left the fake tree in the box in the garage and kept it simple with a real tree. I tried to make our mismatched ornaments more cohesive by adding woodsy stars and burlap ribbon. Blair loooooved getting out all the ornaments. Her favorites were of course her Disney princess Hallmark ones along with some stroller ornaments from when she was first born. Christmas is so magical with her and I just love it!


  1. I've been stalking your blog every hour! Not that you should have already posted, but just in case you did! Prayers for you and your family!! 😘

  2. Love the sweater, where is it from?

  3. Love the sweater, where is it from?


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