Nutcracker Ballet

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Today is a big day. We find out if our two little embryos made it over the weekend. The frustrating thing is that whether they made it or not we still have to drive down to Newport to meet with the doctor so he can tell us. If one or two of them made it I'll be on bed rest for the next three days. If not then we thaw the five remaining eggs on my next cycle and try again. I've never hoped so much for bed rest in my life! Pray, pray, pray!

Over the weekend my Mom, Mother-in-Law, and Blair and I went to the Nutcracker ballet. Blair is crazy into ballet so I thought this would be a fun girls night out for us. We went out to dinner and then walked over to the theatre downtown. I wasn't sure how well she would sit though it but she loved it! Towards the end of the second act she got a bit restless but hey, even I was restless at that point. For the most part she was glued to the stage and kept asking me what they were saying (um, it's ballet...they don't talk!). At one point she grabbed my face and said, "Mom you're such a sweetie!" That's when I know she's thankful! Hahah.

At intermission she danced her way up the aisle to the restroom and back down again. I'm sure she was their youngest guest and quite a show stopper in her own big tutu.

In the spring the theatre is hosting The Little Mermaid ballet and I can't wait to take her to that! Have you taken any of your littles to performances like this? How did it go?


  1. We took Ellie this weekend to the nutcracker too! She only made it to intermission but as soon as we got into the car she said "I want to go to the nutcracker again! I want to see ballets again!" What a fun experience for our girls. Congrats on the two embryos!!! So glad they were transferred
    and you get plenty of bedrest!!!

  2. I took my little one to see The Little Mermaid at the theater (in Pittsburgh) not long after her second birthday and was blown away by how well she did! Blair will love it and the memories will last forever!


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