Elf on the Shelf

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Our elf, Lily, arrived a few days ago on our front porch. She came in an Amazon Prime box (Santa's so savvy!) complete with "snow." After we heard a "knock" at the front door we ran to see who was there. Wrapped in a red box with Blair's name on it we found her inside complete with a Peppa Christmas movie.

I had a mom fail moment when I decided to write her name in cursive across the front. When I told her the box had her name on she was like, "But I don't see the letter 'B'?" Of course you don't sweet girl. Mom wrote it in cursive. Doh!

I tried so hard to get her to understand blowing the snow at my camera. This was our best attempt. Hahaha

The snow was a huge hit! And I bet you could find it at Michaels. :)

Lily's skirt was found at Ralph's in the wine department. Apparently people decorate their wine bottles in outfits now? Either way this was a perfect fit for her. I was pretty proud of my self for the find. :)

Afterwards we enjoyed some orange flavored cinnamon roles. Nom nom nom.
Do you guys have Elf of the Shelf? Have you ever forgotten to hide it?! I had my first Elf snafu a couple of nights ago. I inevitably forgot to hide her in a different spot and when Blair came down stairs she was pretty upset. "Mom! Why didn't she move?" Me (in a panic) "Ummmm maybe she's sick? We should get her some medicine and put her in bed so she gets better. Maybe then she will feel better and move tomorrow?" Blair (skeptically) "Okaaaay. But I sure hope she's feeling better tomorrow." Crises averted. Oy! With all the madness going on in my life lately you would think that I would have been smarter and benched the elf this year. Live and learn!

PS I had an ultra sound yesterday to check on my eggs. They are growing faster than the doctor anticipated so I go in again today to have them measured. Looks like they will be retrieving them a day early on Thursday! I had 17 on my right ovary and 8 on the left. Right ovary for the win! 25 eggs total which is normal and good. Weird to think that a baby might come from one of these eggs that I've been watching grow for a week now. Not many mamas get to see the exact egg that their baby was formed from!


  1. Alice has been sitting in the same spot since December 2. She moved once. Last year, Ashlynn loved finding her. This year, she totally didn't believe she flew to the North Pole and back, said the Alice in the book has magic, but that one wasn't real. And insisted on knowing who moved her, I said I didn't know. But hey, don't have to twist my arm on keeping up with the shenanigans if insisting it's pretend,

  2. Blaire is so cute. i love that the elf showed up in an Amazon box! What a fun way for him to arrive!

    'Tis Our Life Blog

  3. Hoping for your little frosties!! I'm not gonna lie I am dreading the day I have to do the elf on the shelf - too much to remember!

  4. Oh so cute ! Little Blair is adorable.

  5. Yay for all your eggs! I don't think I ever got more than 10 on a side... I'm jealous of your egg production lol ;)


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