(In)Fertility Friday

Friday, December 11, 2015

Operation egg retrieval was a success! The doctor retrieved 16 eggs out of my 25 follicles. We will know tomorrow how many eggs were mature/healthy. Yesterday M and I made the decision to fertilize 5 eggs. Statistically, not all five eggs will fertilize so we will likely be left with 2-3 embryos to implant. Two will be implanted this time and whatever is left will be frozen for a later date. Is is possible that we could have six kids total out of this? Yes. Likely? No. Only God knows!

After waiting an eternity in the lobby I was finally called back to the O.R. The staff was super friendly and I actually remembered to take my underwear off this time. ;) The anesthesia they used was called propofol and is ironically what killed Michael Jackson. Apparently if you use it everyday to sleep the results are no bueno. Lucky for me I was only out for 12 minutes while they did the procedure. Once they turned my drip off I woke right up! I thought I would say some funny stuff but it turns out I was pretty with it. Aside from asking M and the nurse the same questions over and over I wasn't all that loopy. I basically had a good buzz going on and I didn't hate it!
I wore my fearless bracelet to remind me not to fear and to trust in Him!

Once I was in recovery I asked for all the pain meds I could have. The cramping was insane! Basically it felt like menstrual cramps on crack. Or, if you've had a baby, like intense contractions. After a shot in the butt (it wasn't that bad!) and some vicodin I was feeling just fine. Oh, and the heating pad helped a ton too! Not to mention the animal crackers I got to devour snack on.

I also wore my gold "give grace" tattoo to support those who are going through infertility. I was all decked out!
My biggest concern was hyperstimulating but since I didn't have a crazy amount of eggs the nurse said it was very unlikely. Phew! Bullet dodged. 

On the way home we rolled through In-n-Out since I hadn't eaten all day. I usually inhale my food but the meds slowed me down. When we got home M put me on the couch and I was passed out for a good 2 hours. Lala dropped Blair off after her nap and she was the sweetest girl snuggling me on the couch and checking out my bandaids and fancy medical bracelet. Friends brought us dinner and we've been so taken care of! The sweet texts and prayers are such an encouragement.

At this point I'm feeling hopeful and at peace. I'm giving this burden to the Lord and resting in His sovereignty. On Tuesday I go back for the embryo implantation and will be on bed rest for three days. I'll be doing "Netflix and chill" minus the chill part. ;) Thank you for praying hard for these little babies!

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  1. I'm so happy to hear that everything went well. Praying for you and your sweet family!!


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