Hotel Marina Del Rey Wedding

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

A couple weeks ago my cousin asked Matt, Blair, and me to be in a styled wedding shoot for her job. She works for a hotel chain and needed to feature Marina Del Rey Hotel's new remodel for brides who are interested in getting married there.

I was all about it and it only took a little coaxing to get Matt on board. Blair was thrilled to be in Mommy and Daddy's wedding. An added bonus was having her best friend as a flower girl by her side! I enjoyed having one of my bests and my cousin (the short blonde hair) in my faux wedding too. :)

The whole day felt like a real wedding since we started out getting our hair and make up done. We borrowed a dress from a bridal boutique and cinched it up a would never know! The robes and dresses we happened to mostly already own. From my perspective the whole day went really smoothly...I mean it was a faux wedding after all. No bridezillas necessary. ;)

Such a sweet photo of my dear friend and her daughter! Swoon!

Our "wedding" will be featured on and Who knew I'd be marrying Matt all over again 8 years later! ;)


  1. This is PRECIOUS, and looks like it was so much fun! :) You all looked amazing.

  2. SO fun! And you look young and gorgeous...not fair 8 years later! ;)

  3. This is gorgeous!! You two are such a beautiful couple. What a fun way to go back to the beginning!

  4. Such a beautiful bride. :) The coolest thing..!! How fun to have 'new' wedding pics, to include your precious little girl also. Ha! Love it!!

  5. SO much fun, and what pretty photos. I wonder if anyone will see the picture of the 3 of you and wonder if Blair is your daughter since she looks just like you guys, haha. What a fun opportunity :)


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