Post Halloween

Monday, November 2, 2015

How was everyone's Halloween?! We had a great weekend filled with costumes, candy, and sugar comas. M and I learned the hard way that toddlers apparently can't walk more than one block to trick-or-treat. B and her friends were all whining about how much their feet hurt while getting free candy. I'm like come on! Suck it up! You're getting free candy...what are you complaining about?! And more can't give up now! I need your candy bag to last me till at least Thanksgiving...

Am I right?

On Friday we attended a costume party without Blair (thanks Gramma!) and had a great time with our friends. Blair asked if we were going to bob for apples there. Not this time, B. :)

 And a few of my favorite costumes...

Girls night in.

Joanna and Chip Gaines

A hunter and a deer

Dr Seuss and thing 1 (and 2!)

Captain America and Wonderwoman

Saturday night we stayed in our 'hood and went trick-or-treating with a few friends. We had chili (even though it was 90 degrees that day) and had a bonfire on the driveway while passing out candy. It was fun and quite entertaining.

How was your weekend? Are you in a candy coma too? I just love fall and all the holidays that come with it! Oh, and how about that time change! Are all you mamas with littles loving it?! Ha...said no mom ever...


  1. Sounds like a great Halloween weekend! That cake looks amazing and the costumes are all so fun and clever. I really like the idea of the girls night in one! Blair was a beautiful princess!

  2. hahhaha to kids not being able to walk. My daughter sat on my husband's shoulders the entire time and the little babe rode in the ergo so I can totally relate ;) Blair was beautiful and the chip and jojo costume was too good!

  3. How fun to have an adult and kid Halloween weekend! I love those costumes too!

  4. What a fun weekend! The kids are adorable and love y'alls outfit from your adult party :)

  5. That cakes is gorgeous and mouth watering! Such fun costumes!


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