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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

We have been fighting some serious sickness over here in the Bushman house. First M came down with a cold that he's still fighting and now B has a gnarly cough/fever combo. Always a good time! I've somehow managed to escape it thus far. Maybe the germs know how many needles I'll be poking myself with this month and they feel bad? ;)

Before the germs invaded our house I bought this wake up clock for Blair. I had heard good things about wake up clocks and thought if there's any chance it can prolong my morning wake up call I'm willing to try it. Enter the best $30 I've ever spent.

This clock should be in every mother's stocking. Because let's be real, sleep is a gift to all moms out there. This clock lets us choose when B is allowed to either a.) start calling our names or b.) get out of bed herself. We use it in the mornings and at nap time.

Since her naps aren't always a full two hours anymore I tell her that she can look at books in bed or play with her Polly Pocket that I leave on the foot of her bed till the clock glows green. The first time we tried this and the light turned green she scared the crap out of me. I was home alone and suddenly heard a thud and someone coming down the stairs. I had forgotten she had the clock now to get up and my heart was pounding! I finally realized it was her and she was SO excited to show me her green alarm clock and turn the light off. It's really cute!

Mornings have been good too but not quite as productive as naps. Sometimes she will still call out our names before the clock turns green. Cue M stumbling down the hall to her room and crawling in bed with her till the clock turns green. I think that my ambitions were too high when I set her wake time at 8 am ha ha. We will probably have more success with it at 7:30.

I was not paid to write this review...I just genuinely love this product! Does your kiddo have a "ok to wake" clock?


  1. Oh I've had this in my Amazon cart for hours now and ever since daylight savings time, I've thought about getting it. This has definitely pushed me over the edge--so thank you!

  2. I stumbled across your blog - we know each other from BSF :) we use the green light clock with both our boys and LOVE it. Combine it with a sticker chart for waiting for the green light and it's pure magic and joy :)

  3. We have this clock, too. It only kind of works for our toddler, because he will call for us any time he wakes up whether the clock is green or not. At least he doesn't get out of bed, I guess.

  4. oh yes, a need! We have this for Aria when she switched to her toddler bed. It works great for her!

  5. I just added this to Avery's Christmas list, she would love this!


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