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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Lately I haven't been doing many "blog worthy" activities. Maybe it's because I go to the doctor literally every other day as we prepare for IVF? We're just livin life over here but sometimes those pictures are just as fun to look at. This is what we've been up to this week!

1.Making cookies with Dad

2. Updating her gallery wall with her flower crown and ballet shoes
See previous progress here here here
 3. Purchased an adult coloring book and markers! Stay away, Blair,  stay far away!
 4. Went on a sweaty sunny hike with my best!
 5. Dragged Blair along in her pjs. Donuts for the win! And do you notice how she's clasping her hands?! I die.

Just in case you need a good laugh here's my Mom confession...

Earlier this week Blair got a cut under her eye from running into a tree branch at my parents house. She had a pretty nasty scab and I decided Neosporin should be used to avoid scarring. Turns out I couldn't find the Neosporin but I did find some hardly used Nipple Cream. After reading the package, "heals dry, cracked nipples, soothes and protects" I decided this would be the next best thing. So there you have it...nipple cream for the win. Oh, and it's healing beautifully if you were wondering. ;)

And that's life lately, friends! I have a doozy of a post for tomorrow to update you on my week of infertility. I'm already exhausted thinking about writing out all the updates but I'm determined to document our journey so write I must! My Mom and I are off to Disneyland tomorrow with Blair and I can't wait to check out all their holiday decorations! For now I'm off to spend some quality time with my new coloring book and Fixer Upper. ;)


  1. When in doubt...nipple cream! I'm sure somebody has said that before.

    Livin the life is pretty great when it involves cookies!

  2. Thumbs up to you. Well written & well described with beautiful pics.
    IVF Center in India

  3. Too funny about the nipple cream! A friend says she uses lanolin for everything! Kind of like the dad in my big fat Greek wedding with windex :)


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