Staycation at the Mission Inn

Thursday, October 29, 2015

     The last couple of days I enjoyed some sweet, sweet time away from home with just M. Our thoughtful friends in our small group gifted us a night away along with dinner/breakfast at the Mission Inn Hotel. We (finally!) got around to using our gift this week and we SO enjoyed it! I love the Mission Inn and we had such a relaxing time just the two of us. We walked to the Old Spaghetti Factory for's not fancy but it's SO yummy! Afterwards we cruised around the shops downtown, grabbed cupcakes, and ate them in a pretty courtyard at the hotel. One of the nicest things was not having to do the bedtime routine or the wake up routine with Blair. Sometimes you just  need a break! (Thanks Gramma and Grampa!).

Our view

Banana pancakes in bed..what a treat!

The next day I roped Matt into checking out an antique shop. He whined the whole way there and then guess who found something he liked in the store?! Yeah you know who. He picked up a cool vintage kitchen scale that I'll have to share on here later. It's very Magnolia Farm! ;) See, M, shopping can be fun!

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  1. Love this! Love seeing your small group love you guys so well during this season! Yay small group people! And yay you guys for not having to do bedtime/wake up routines - that *is* a vacation!


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