Halloween Treat Bag

Thursday, October 1, 2015

It's no secret we love a good holiday over here and since today is October 1st we busted out some festiveness. :) The other day I was at Target and stumbled upon the cutest Halloween washi tape...I had to have it! Of course when I brought it home M rolled his eyes over my can-only-use-once-a-year tape. Hey, six bucks ain't gonna break the bake, Scrooge. ;) Here's what we created...

We decided to make a complete treat package and add some cookies to the mix. I just use the Betty Crocker sugar cookie bag mix and make my own royal frosting. You can get the recipe and directions for that HERE. The card is super easy...I just added washi tape to a blank card that I bought as a box set at Michaels. I use them for every occasion and really save some money from spending $5 for each present I give. And *bonus* Blair and a couple of her friends were over while I was doing this and they LOVED the tape (and they were boys!). These would be great stocking stuffers...always planning ahead. ;) Happy Thursday!

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  1. I totally saw this washi tape in Target but could talk myself into buying it because I didn't really know what I'd use it for. Definitely going back today to pick it up, because you gave me a reason to!

    Kealey at www.WakingUpWatkins.com


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