Toddler Love

Friday, August 14, 2015

This kid sure cracks me up. The things she says are hilarious and even though I write most of them down I need to start carrying a notepad in my purse for on the go quotes. I love her to pieces and even though she didn't smile for ONE of these pictures (and screamed her head off all the way to the beach because "blankie" was in the back of the car.) there is no lack of personality here! She's so goofy, cranky, comical, caring, and snuggly. And she's all mine. Swoon. :)

I'm pretty sure all parents kiss their kids abundantly but I swear this kid is the most over-kissed kiddo around. I just can't stay away from those precious lips and chubby cheeks! I love you, Blair! You make my heart swell with happiness. 

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