Greystone Mansion Wedding

Friday, August 7, 2015

Last weekend M and I attended a friend's wedding in Beverly Hills. The venue, Greystone Mansion, was gorgeous and overlooked all of LA. It had me in love with LA all over again and itching for a fun trip out there soon.

The bride has impeccable taste and the attention to detail was spot on. It doesn't hurt that she's also a stunning bride.

The best part about her dress was that the tulle skirt was removable! For the reception she took it off to reveal a beautiful gown underneath!

Such a diva with her shades. :)

What a view!

I thought I would include this photo since the other one was post 3pm, 80 degree, direct sunlight ceremony.
Congrats Marie and Tyler! We are so happy for you and had so much fun sharing your special day with you.


  1. WOW what a gorgeous wedding ;) I love your dress too!!!
    Chelsea @

  2. holy cow gorgeous wedding!! And you look AMAZING! obsessed with your dress!

  3. Stunning wedding and your dress is STUNNING!! Almost not fair to the bride!! ;)

  4. holy, what a wedding! Her bouquet is amazing and those details.... and in BH, I can only imagine that price tag! Love your dress too

  5. You look so glamorous in that dress! I love it


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