Just Keep Swimming

Thursday, August 20, 2015

While we were at the beach last week my Mom signed Blair up for a couple of swim lessons at the pool in our community. I taught swim lessons in high school and college but it has been so long that I was interested to see what someone else would teach her. Her teacher, Miss Rita, gave me quite a few tips for improving Blair's breathing technique. Blair did so good during her lesson and I was so proud of her good listening! Apparently as long as it's not me giving the directions she's all ears. ;) She looked like such a dork in her cap and goggles but it was the cutest thing ever...

But seriously... that face!
I hope you got as good of a chuckle out of those pictures as I did. Happy (almost) weekend!


  1. Just keep swimming...just keep swimming!! We love Finding Nemo!

  2. She's the cutest, goggles, hat and all! Swim lessons for us next summer...here goes nothing!


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