Red, White, and Buns

Monday, July 6, 2015

We sure had a great 4th of July down at the beach. There were plenty of fireworks, popsicles, and donuts to go around. At one point during the firework show Blair declared, "This isn't very interesting. I'm ready to go back to the beach house." Apparently Disneyland has jaded her of all firework shows. Sigh. She was however thrilled with her festive popsicle (a girl after my own heart).

Our holiday started off bright and early with a parade through the neighborhood. We made sure to get there on time so we could have our choice of donuts (hello, priorities!). Dirty Baby tagged along and I am SO pleased to announce that Blair has been letting her wear some clean jammies from another baby doll. It's the little victories!

Mama is looking a little sleepy!

I'm also happy to report that Blair is back to loving the beach. She had a little hiatus there with her overwhelming love for the pool. But this weekend she was all about the sand castles, ocean, and swings on the beach. Yay because Mommy likes that too. :)

Popsicles are for adults too!

And in case you missed it on Instagram (@natyouraveragegirl) here's our red, white, and buns! Oh man I could squeeze those little buns all day long...they are just so cute! I hope you all had a happy 4th of July too!


  1. I am dying over your red, white and buns picture lol. We beached it too for the fourth and had the BEST time. We're going to have to get some bomb pops next year, pretty sure I'm the only person who's never had one.

  2. Baby booties are my all time fave!!!

  3. adorable!! I love Blair's festive swim suit and props for getting her to let dirty baby wear some clothes!


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