Big Hero 6 Movie Night

Monday, July 20, 2015

We've had such an awesome weekend filled with RAIN! I'm sure most people who live in areas with "weather" get tired of rain but here in Southern California is a precious treat! We've been soaking it in...literally. :)

On Friday night we went to our church to see Big Hero 6 on the lawn. It was SO fun and I wish that they did this twice a month instead of twice a summer but I'll take it! They had several food trucks, bounce houses, and crafting stations. They also had popcorn with "choose your own toppings" for the kiddos. I'm pretty sure Blair was in heaven.

Mac and cheese rib grilled bomb!

I loved the movie and was surprised that B did too. I mean it didn't have princesses so I was thinking she wouldn't be interested, but we snuggled in our lawn chair and munched on her popcorn with sprinkles and M&M's. It was a treat for her and me. :)

We can't wait for the Frozen movie night in August...every Mom's girls dream!


  1. What a fun event put on by your church!

  2. so fun, love the food trucks and activities. our twp does movie in the park, but it starts a bit late and I always figured A would never stay up. Plus the movies this year weren't animated, so that would have probably been a bust too.


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