Wedding Fun Part II

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

On the day of the wedding we did everything we could to ensure that B would make it down the aisle (or island as she kept calling it) successfully. I came prepared with suckers, a new toy, and a plea for her to do what the beautiful bride asked.

Since Blair had already been in a wedding as a flower girl six months ago I was hoping this one would go smoothly since she knew what to expect. We have been reading books about being a flower girl and talking about her job often. I was just praying that she was okay with Baby and blankie staying with me. Turns out she wanted Baby to sit in the grass and watch her (fine with me!) as she paraded down the aisle.

When the time came M gave her the go ahead and down the aisle she came. She was taking such heaping handfuls of flowers I knew there was no way she would have enough. And as I predicted by the time she actually got on the aisle her flowers were gone. Good thing she's so darn cute so it didn't matter anyway. And as expected I shed a few tears (M did too!) because you can't help thinking about her wedding day. Plus I was just so darn proud of her! She did so great! Yay for not ruining the wedding!

My cousin looked gorgeous...we were so happy for her!
This toy was her jam during the ceremony and for the rest of the night!

She loved all the beautiful dresses and fit right in!

Blair's dress: Etsy My dress: Loft

Cousin Love!

She was such a ham all night! Everyone needed a picture with the flower girl!

When you get famous don't forget about me, Blair. ;)

She danced the night away with a little boy and they were a hit! Every time Matt asked her to dance she refused because she already had someone her size. It only gets worse from here, M! When her dance partner had to go home she had a stage 5 melt down. Oh, toddler life. A glimpse into the future. Stop growing up, Blair! We're not ready for that yet!

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  1. B is the cutest thing ever!! That flower girl dress is perfection!


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