Blair's First Mani/Pedi

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Yesterday I surprised Blair with her first mani and pedi. She's the flower girl in a wedding this weekend so I thought this would be a fun treat. She actually got a gel mani/pedi because regular nail polish lasts about one day with her busy hands and feet. The total cost was under $30 which I thought was pretty good. She loved it and did such a good job at listening to the directions. And while she wanted purple and orange I told her sparkly pink would be much more appropriate... I'm pretty sure the bride will back me up on this choice. ;)

"Show me your nails and toes!" Ended up doing the opposite.

This was just a little glimpse into the future I think. It was so fun spending time with her at the salon and she kept leaning back and telling me she loved me the most and that I was a cutie pie. It will never get old!


  1. How fun! She obviously had a blast! :)

  2. oh I love this!! one of the many perks to being a girl mom!!

  3. So cute! When I took A to get her nails done on her birthday she kept whispering "I love you", her and Blair are really on the same page :)


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