Tuck & Cover Hairstyle Tutorial

Friday, June 26, 2015

Surprise! I'm not pregnant! Can you smell my annoyance from over there? I have nothing to report other than the obvious so let's move on to something more interesting shall we?

The other day I was at Sprouts and I saw the cutest mom with her hair done super pretty. I remembered my sis-in-law telling me she did her hair that way and slept in it to get curls. I liked it so much that I went home and tried it and was impressed with how decent it looked in no time at all! Plus I love that I don't have to dry or curl my hair for it to work. Take a look! #dontjudgemyroots

Start with your hair down...no curling necessary!

Put on a headband boho style. I like ones that are slim and not too tight.

Grab a small section of hair in the front.

Twist it around the headband.

Tuck it under and pull through straight.

Voila! You have one strand set.

Now grab the next strand and repeat.

If you want you can just do this on both sides to get more of a "half up" look. This would require me to curl my ends so I didn't do that.

But I like that my hair is at least out of my face.

You could also cover the back of the head band by wrapping one piece around it all the way across. That's another day.

Eventually you will get this. Again this could be its own hair style if I curled the pony tail.

Take the rat pony tail and flip over.

Now roll and tuck, roll and tuck!

Ta da! Looks professional right? ;)

I did this outside (obvi) with no mirrors so imagine the possibilities with hair spray, mirror, etc.
Real Life: My toddler (with no pants on) fresh out of the pool wanting to be in all my pictures (but not smiling). The one time I don't want the kid in the photo she insists and has a melt down. Typical. But hey at least my hair is cute! :)

top and shorts both CAbi this season


  1. Awesome! I expected it to be so much harder than this. Thank you for sharing! I'm going to go see if I have a headband like that and I'm totally trying it today!

  2. So cute! And what is it with toddlers and no pants? :)


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