Sleeping Child Door Sign DIY

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

If you're a mom you know how precious nap time is. You also probably love the convenience of Amazon Prime too (don't you?). So the problem is when the two collide. Amazon is at your house once a week every day and they ring the stinking door bell EVERY TIME. Which makes the dog bark. Which wakes the kid. Which ends your sanity. Am I right?

I used to have a super ghetto-fabulous handwritten note next to our doorbell asking Amazon to drop the package and run. The ink was faded (no wonder they never obliged) and my attempt at making the sign cute with washi tape had failed miserably since the edges were all peeled up.
My ghetto sign used to be right by the door bell. I realize now I should have taken a picture of it for your amusement.

Finally this week I grabbed a tiny chalkboard at Michaels, stained the wood, and made my own sign. You can find them all over Pinterest but mine was probably cheaper. ;)

Items needed: cheap chalkboard, masking tape, wood stain.
All I did was tape off the edges, grab some old stain from previous projects in the garage and apply two coats, and "season" my chalk board. It took me like 15 minutes maybe. Oh, and obviously write my friendly message to the Amazon guy.  The chalk board was $8 full price (annoying I didn't have a coupon). But since I already had all the other materials I was okay with $8.

Friendly but to the point, right?! And might I add a bit more chic than my old 3X5 card and washi tape. Now if I could only sell enough of these to come up with the money for IVF. Let's see at $20 each I would only need to sell 2,000! Ha ha. Happy Tuesday!


  1. Our Amazon delivery people never knock and I don't know why. I kind of wish they would (just not at nap time!) because our things end up sitting outside all day bc I don't expect anything to be there. I love this sign though and pinned it to make soon!

  2. Natalie, I would buy two of these signs if you don't mind making them.

  3. Super cute!! I might have to make one, thanks for the idea...I probably should make one for soliciting also.


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