Romper Roundup

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Guys. Is it just me or are you obsessed with rompers too? While M thinks they belong only in Blair's closet I disagree. They are comfy! And flattering! My only qualm with them is having to strip down every time I have to use the restroom. Either way the latter isn't enough to steer me away from them. Here are my favorite picks this summer!

ONE      TWO      THREE     FOUR      FIVE      SIX
I have number five in my shopping cart...just waiting for my 40% off email from Gap. ;) What about you guys? Are you loving rompers or are they not your thing?


  1. I went to Target yesterday and they had rompers galore!! So many cute ones!!

  2. Love rompers right now. I'm literally so lazy that I mostly just love the idea of not having to find a top & shorts that both fit/match/etc. ;)


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