Mountain High Yoghurt Toddler Squeezies

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Lately one of my favorite snacks to make for Blair is yogurt squeezies with Mountain High Yoghurt. The recipe is simple and they are a great healthy snack (with lots of protein!). Be sure to download the coupon on their site HERE!

Here's how I made these Mountain High Lowfat Plain Yoghurt Squeezies:
2 cups Mountain High Yoghurt
1 cup organic apple sauce
cinnamon to taste

Put all ingredients into a mixing bowl. Stir until combined. Pour into squeezie pouches and voila! 

I purchased my squeezie maker by Infantino at Amazon. The pouches are disposable which I like. I previously had reusable ones and discovered mold easily grows inside since they are so difficult to clean. 

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Thank you for checking out Mountain High Yoghurt. Doing so makes it possible for me to continue blogging. :) Be sure to download the coupon on their site HERE!


  1. I've seriously been contemplating buying one of those squeeze makers. Good to know about the mold!!

  2. Wow you guys really like bananas. Lol

  3. I never thought of using the yoghurt like that. Genius!

  4. That squeezie maker is a great idea. I use Little Green Pouch squeezie pouches for my toddler (usually filled with yoghurt too!) but like you said, they can be tricky to keep clean.


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