Our Weekend

Monday, September 29, 2014

Hi babes! Hope you had a great weekend. I hosted a couple clothing parties because my Aunt sells CAbi and they were a success! We had a ton of fun and I'm already looking forward to the spring line. :)

Other than that we loafed around at home. And by loafed I mean M cleaned up the garage and I entertained B. Here's our Sunday...

love my new exercise pants!

a trip to the craft store involved her insistence on wearing her princes dress

my berry isagenics drink i drank for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. :( trying out a cleanse for fertility. at this point I've got nothing to lose and worst comes to worst I lose a few before my bff's wedding!
this girl and her love of sorting and lack of smiling
Have a great Monday...tomorrow I'm showing off Blair's Halloween fashion. :)


  1. Abigail still insists on wearing the princess dresses too ;)

  2. Thank you for putting a shirt under her princess dress!

    Please tell me more about your fertility cleanse!

    1. It's called Isagenix. My friend knew some women who were struggling to get prego and then decided to try this. After they did the cleanse they got prego. Not saying that is why but she gave it to me for free and I thought it would be worth a shot. It's pricey though but I had the friend discount. ;)


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