Maxi Cosi Kaia Review

Monday, September 15, 2014

Hey hey friends! If you live in southern California is it hot enough for you? Seriously get out of here summer. Ninety five degrees at 7:30 pm is unacceptable. It is also unacceptable when M, B and I decided to get some donuts/coffee for breakfast yesterday. Luckily we had our sweet Maxi Cosi Kaia stroller with us to make carrying her a breeze. Who wants to haul a sweaty toddler across a hot parking lot? Not me.

every stroller needs one cup holder (at least!)

c'mon fall! i even wore plaid for you!

rollin' in style. those thighs though.

the reason why she has scrumptious thighs

and the reason why i have scrumptious thighs. ;)

so convenient that the pad is removable! now we can wash the pink frosting out of it. :)

although it's leaning in this picture the stroller does stand on its own!
So far we love our Maxi Cosi Kaia stroller! Some of my favorite features are that it's easy to fold down (and it stand on its own!), easy to set up, has ample storage below (enough for my purse and Blair's baby and much more!), and it reclines. The reclining feature is super handy as we plan on taking this stroller with us to Disneyland (and she will need to nap there). I also like that the pad is removable for a more subdued look and so you can clean the pad.

While we ate our donuts and downed our coffee B played in the water feature. It was literally about 95 degrees out so we didn't last long. By the time we got back in the car I was a melted mess.

chambray dress from gap

Maxi Cosi Kaia stroller c/o Maxi Cosi. All opinions are my own.


  1. Went with Canyon Crest, good choice ;)

  2. I seriously wish Owen would ride in the stroller as happily as Blair! I love the bright colors of the Maxi-Cosi :) We just used ours yesterday too ;)

  3. What a great stroller!! I agree that every stroller needs a cup holder and storage capacity!! Ellie would be I heaven if she could play in a water feature!! We just left the dr. today (I had the wrong appt time :( and they have a pond outside and she was crying because I wouldn't let her jump in! Ha


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