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Friday, May 23, 2014


Kim Jones- Konga
Lisa H- Season 1
Natalie Connelly- Kiboko

 Blair's bff Charlotte happens to have a pretty cool dad who just started his own coffee roasting business called Torch Coffee. I'm not a coffee snob but in my opinion the coffee he roasts is so good that it doesn't need any cream or sugar. Caffeine with no calories...winning!
Blair and Charlotte enjoying their caffeine buzz...kidding

At Torch Coffee Roasters, we're passionate about both coffee and people. We believe that the greatest benefit we can give the world is to bring our passions together and make coffee inclusive. Exceptional coffee, available to all. We take the science of crafting coffee seriously, but we never forget the purpose of coffee: to be enjoyed by people. So brew our coffee and enjoy it. After all, it was made for you. 

Gisenyi - Rwanda
Processing: Wet-Processes
Altitude: 1400-1850m
Cupping Notes
Look for notes of Cabernet, plumb and spice in the dry grounds and the initial brewing.  The aroma will mellow to an orange marmalade as it cools.  This is a great coffee to get a nice, bright cold brew from as well.  
The cooperative from which this coffee comes is just north of Lake Kivu in the Bugoyi district of Gisenyi  Rwanda.  The cooperative promotes environmental stewardship as well as biodiversity by distributing shade trees among it's members.  Also, where in many cases the water from wet processing coffee as well as the fermentation byproducts can become pollutants if dumped into local streams, the cooperative in Gisenyi filters the water used for processing and puts the organic matter back into the soil.  The care that they have for the environment is indicative of how much this labor comes across in the cup as well as how they treat the members of the cooperative.  They work with other local initiatives to build healthcare facilities, schools and also promote women and youth initiatives.  The cooperative has been well represented in almost every recent Cup of Excellence competition and it shows in the lots they produce.      

Kiboko - Tanzania Peaberry

Processing: Washed
Cupping Notes
A wonderfully bright coffee balanced out with great sweetness with notes of cranberry and apple.
Our Kiboko from Tanzania is known as a peaberry; a small percentage of all coffees in any crop become peaberries, a name indicating its round shape.  A peaberry differs from a standard bean that is round on one side yet flat on the other.  If you carefully sort through your whole-bean coffee bag of mixed varieties you may find a few.  Coffee beans get their shape (one side being curved and the other flat) from two beans growing packed next to each other in the cherries exocarp where the two beans are pressed against each other and a flat surface results.  In a coffee that becomes a peaberry one of the two beans are ejected early in the growth process.  Without the back pressure from the other bean the coffee grows round.  
To get a bag containing only peaberries, green coffee must be hand-sorted.  Coffees are picked by hand, selecting only the ripest cherries, and then are processed, hand-sorted to separate out the peaberries (a process that takes many workers hours at a sorting table). Finally they are hand-roasted by us at Torch Coffee.   Many hours of labor have gone into this coffee and it shows.   

Season 1 - Espresso Blend

Cultivar: Mixed Caturra and Bourbon
Processing: Wet-Processes/ Natural Process
Altitude: 1400-1600m
The unchanging and constant espresso is a nice thought but something that is truly unrealistic.  What we didn't want is to get stuck in this attempt to bring you the "same" espresso all times of the year; this would require us to keep coffee on hand for a long time while it slowly fades and diminishes in brightness when we could be working with what's out there and bring more interesting and exciting coffees to our line-up.  Our "Season" line of espressos (to be named Season 1, Season 2, etc as the coffees change) allows us the freedom to work with what is available and say 'this coffee won't always be the same but it will be interesting, exciting and one of the highest quality espresso we could get our hands on.'


Stephen Hasemeyer, Production Manager/Roaster

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