Re-purposed Thank You Cards

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The gold confetti has finally made its way into my vacuum from my birthday party. And while the party is over the thank you cards have just begun! Can you believe that I have blank thank you cards from my wedding still?! I have a hard time throwing away perfectly useful items so I decided to re-purpose them and add a little flair to make them less wedding-ish.

ugly old wedding thank yous

add a little gold polka dot action

coin a cute phrase inside with gold pen ("you're golden" matched my party theme)

add a little extra pizazz to the envelope and voila!
So if you are like me with ooodles of wedding thank you's left over get busy! This was super easy and in my biased opinion pretty cute. ;) 

And thanks to Little Baby Garvin's inspiration I dolled up my chalkboard for Cinco de Mayo. We actually had friends over last night to celebrate. So we called it Seis de Mayo. ;) Dare to be different!


  1. Fantastic idea! I know I have a ton of old thank you cards like that lying around. :)

  2. Great idea!! I stamped gold dots on Ellie's invites this weekend but as I couldn't find a pencil with new eraser I had to go with a q-tip and it worked great!

    Love the chalkboard!


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