Easy DIY Gift Card Holder

Friday, May 9, 2014

This was our last week of Bible Study so I decided to whip up a quick thank you card for Blair's fearless teachers. I figured Starbucks was a gift most people like so I grabbed a couple gift cards and found a quick and easy way to make it "Pinteresty."

 If you want to make a couple of these on your own go here! She offers the free printables!

And because I've just been thinking about this tragic story so much I wanted to provide you the link so you can join me and many others in praying for Ryan's parents. I'm squeezing my girl and soaking her up a little more...

Sometimes I can be so frantic with trying to cross things off my to-do list that I get exhausted and Blair gets my second best, or my distracted attention. Trying to be less frantic and more purposeful with my time spent with her, especially after reading stories like Ryans.

 Today we are going to get a tour at a local fire station and then headed to the park for lunch with some friends. I think B is going to love it. Happy early Mother's Day and say an extra prayer for Jaqui, sweet Ryan's Mama.  

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  1. Love the last little pic. So cute! And I wish I knew more coffee drinkers bc that is a darling idea!!


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