Marshall's Finds and a Melt Down

Friday, May 30, 2014

Just recently we got a Nordstrom Rack and Marshalls nearby. Like dangerously close. While I'm not usually that impressed with the clothing selection for Blair at NR I found some SUPER cute dresses at Marshalls. See?!

love the hot pink stitching!

and the back has a bow
a high low dress for my little mini me

she totally needs to wear this to a wedding!

again with a cute bow on the back

this reminded me of a tutu...presh!
 The dresses were between $12 and $15 each...a good deal in my opinion! Especially for how darling they are.

Last night we brought dinner to a friends' house who just had a new baby boy. Blair was all about checking him out...

She also requested this picture taken of herself with all her baby gear. Such a weirdo.

And finally last evening we went for a walk with her baby stroller. The stroller is beat down but she loves that thing. Check out the snarl she gave the camera...

Such a goofball. And while she's sweet man can the girl have a melt down. Take last night for example...While I was putting her to bed she requested 2 soft bunnies to sleep with. So I put them in bed with her then she freaked out and said, "No soft bunnies!" She's been doing this indecisive thing lately and I'm so over it. So I said, "That's what you chose. Good night." And I shut the door. That girl wailed for a good 15 minutes until she pooped out. Sigh. I painted my nails while she lit up her monitor to bright red. Mom of the year? Yup. I'd say so.


  1. Oh girl, Right there w ya! A cried for 20 minutes bc I put the wrong shirt on her and immediately took it off when she changed her mind. I told her to pick her own and she just lost it and I went to go hang w the baby who was crying for real bc she's an actual baby.

  2. Those dresses are SOOO cute! Awesome finds. The hi-lo? Oh my stars so cute.

    Painting your nails while the monitor was bright red. So awesome. I'd do the same thing. Solidarity, sister.

  3. The detail on the back of those dresses is to die for! LOVE. I'm so glad summer is here and dresses are back!

  4. Oh Ethan is the same indecisive! There have been many a night where I just let the monitor go. Oops!

  5. Can't wait to see her in the high-low dress! I have to do something to occupy myself when my monitor goes red... either that or kill me husband which is a no go.

  6. That hi low dress is adorable! Send it my way when B is done with it!!!

  7. New follower here - I just found your blog. First of all, those dresses are adorable! Secondly, the past couple posts about your life with a toddler have had me laughing out loud. At your expense probably, sorry. We have a very stubborn 8 month old and I have been so looking forward to when she can talk - with some of your stories maybe I should enjoy her as a baby for a little while longer? haha. Glad you are writing these down! Can't wait to continue to follow along!


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