Living Room Update

Friday, May 16, 2014

Remember when I posted about needing a rug in the living room? Well, I moved the entry way rug in there for a while and I LOVE it! The problem is now I have a naked entry way...

The rug looks small in these pictures but in person seems to fit the room well. I may end up putting this back in the entry way and finding a bigger one for this room but I at least like the idea of a rug in here. It anchors the room nicely and gives it more color. Now I'm determined to find some lampshades with more pizazz. Navy maybe?

disregard M's dorky games
Remember it looked like this?

What do you think? Bigger rug? After seeing this pictures I'm thinking yes. And as for lamp shades would you do a solid or something more bold like a stripe? Decisions, decisions.

I got a little stylish yesterday with B's hair. And heck yes you better believe the only way I accomplished this was to sit her in front of that iPad. 

what? your kid doesn't push Easter eggs around in her stroller?
This was a total win as far as hairstyles go for curly haired girls. It stayed put all day...even through her nap! Can't wait to see what kind of 'fro comes out after I take them out...

Oh, and thanks for all your words of encouragement yesterday. Yesterday I decided to quit my boot camp class cold turkey. I REALLY didn't want to but I've had this nagging feeling in the back of my mind for a while now and I just think it's time to try less intensity for a while. Now I'm scared to get "fat" which is stupid since I am trying to get pregnant after all... I just remember when I got pregnant with Blair I wasn't doing high intensity workouts, just jogging. And the week I got pregnant with her I was away at Summer Camp not working out at all. To me it's worth a shot and if we're still not successful after a couple months then I'll  be headed back and walking in the door to that infertility clinic. Praying it doesn't get that far!


  1. Love the room update. And yes I think a larger rug in a bold stripe would look great!

  2. That Blair is too cute and I think the rug looks great in your living room! Good luck on the workout - maybe less intensity is better :)

  3. I just adore those braids!! How cute! I think the rug really helps to anchor the room but I would probably go with something a little larger so that at least the front legs of the couch and chairs can be on the rug so it doesn't look like a floating island. GREAT JOB!

  4. When Peter got out of the boat and began to focus on the water instead of Jesus, he began to sink. Keep your eyes focused on the Creator. He always fulfills his promises.


  5. Matt will like this comment... Instead of buying new lampshades, paint the trim a different color so it pops on the edges. Such a cheap and easy fix!


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