Rug Re-do

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

"Hi my name is Natalie and I'm a commitment-phobe. " "Hi Natalie."

It's true. Matt will be the first to tell you. It's not that he's the one I've been leery to commit to, it's my furniture that I can't stick with and be true to. I'll think I love something either because it's a good deal or someone else has it or told me to get it so I'll dive in and buy it insisting that it's perfect. And then after some time I'm over it or I realized I never liked it in the first place. This clearly irritates M for two reasons a) I'm wasting money b) he finally started to like whatever I purchased.

I've tried selling things around the house to earn some extra cash to purchase new things but usually end up spending money (although less than I would have!) on the new item. This month it was a new rug for the kitchen. The old one blended into the tile too much and I decided I wasn't gaga over the floral design...

The new one was on saaaaaaale! And had a geometric print that I love. I also like that it pops off the tile floor and will one day complement my white cabinets. :) That's a DIY that M doesn't wanna touch with a 100 foot pole...

I also switched up the blue curtain for white. I like how it accentuates the crown molding and looks so clean.

the blue is a lot more gray than royal although it photographed pretty bright

This weekend we are tackling the buffet ourselves after reading a tutorial from Young House Love on re-doing oak cabinets. Can't Even. Wait. Fingers crossed! I'm excited to show you the before and after. :)


  1. It looks great Natalie - it really brightens up the space. I'm the same way, I get do excited about buying something and buy what I like instead of LOVE then I get tired of it quickly. I'm trying to improve in that area... But it's hard because you just want to see results!! Ugh!
    You're on the right track though, it looks so pretty!!

  2. I love the new rug! I do this all the time too! I think I need to research and spend more time contemplating my choices before buying! It gets too expensive! I do this with clothes too and look at my closet and wonder why I bought many of the items!

  3. I love the change to the new rug! It gives the room a fun feel!

  4. I think the new rug looks great! I like how fresh it looks with the new curtains too. The cabinets will look fantastic! We have oak cabinets too, but we rent, so we can't change them, and I've ALWAYS said the kitchen would look better with white cabinets ... and new floors, and stainless appliances, and...

  5. Love the rug, OMG i want you kitchen!!!

  6. Ok I'm in LOVE with the new rug and curtains! Hubbys usually aren't up with what's cute and a must have. Definitely a must have in my book. Can't wait to see your before and after!

  7. Love the new rug! Makes such a difference :)

  8. Where did you find the kitchen rug? I love it!

  9. Awesome! I love your new rug, Natalie! You’re pretty lucky that it was on sale, am I right? Hehe! Kidding aside, you’ve got a great choice of rug for your kitchen. Just make sure bits and pieces of food won’t fall to maintain the cleanliness of your rug. :)

    Chuck Levesque


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