January Beach Trip

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Last week we had the most amazing weather so we headed down to the beach! Well let's be honest...the weather has been in the 70's for a month now but we finally decided to take advantage of it! We always have a blast hanging with the whole fam and this trip was no exception. We spent a lot of time napping, reading books, playing Things, going on walks, and staying warm in the jacuzzi!

kisses for mama

"ocean" was her favorite word

she hated the sand on her feet at first

Lala and Blair

once her Auntie drew circles in the sand she got over her hatred of the sand on her feet

fam bam


waving to the train

reading with Auntie

relaxin' in the "hot pool"

we ate like kings with all the fish M and my brother caught!

sunset from our porch

the view from my 12 mile run (my half marathon is saturday!)

snuggle time with just the two of us. <3 br="">
What a treat it is to enjoy such beautiful weather in January at the beach. I treasure all the fun memories we create while spending time with my family. Can't wait till next time!


  1. Would love that especially now that temps are freezing up here! I'm dreaming of warm temps!

  2. It was 10 degrees here yesterday. How I wish we could escape to that beach! Looks amazing!

  3. I'm so jealous of your amazing weather! We are experiencing the polar vortex over here!

  4. Love that you all get together like that at the beach...such great quality time together! Does your family own a place there?

  5. Your proximity to a warm beach is enviable. I am right on the San Francisco Bay but BRR...too chilly!


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