Thanksgiving re-cap

Monday, December 2, 2013

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your friends and family. We had one of our most relaxing holidays yet since we got to stay in Riverside the whole day. We only had two stops to make and B got to take a nice long nap...winning! Here is how our Thanksgiving table turned out... ( I got a little camera happy).

And then some of us went on a hike... and one of us went to boot camp ;) 

We got our Christmas card pictures taken and I. Am. In. Love. I can't even wait to show you all the goodness that is Blair. :) She was SO cute!

PS I haven't forgotten about her room reveal. Problem is that I ran out of tassels for her curtains and they aren't in stock yet at JoAnns. And I can't reveal a room with only half the curtains done. Just can't. I know you understand. ;)

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