Safari Park

Monday, December 30, 2013

Today is a day of mourning...M went back to work. Insert sob face here. We had a glorious week home together and I could totally get used to both of us being "stay-at-homes." Unfortunately if that were the case we would also be homeless and I doubt B would be down with that. So, away M went. Back to work. :(

However we have lots to be grateful for! One being that we got to enjoy a day at the Safari Park with M's parents and sister. B LOVED seeing all the animals and we loved introducing her to the zoo (Safari Park. Whatever). Not sure which animal she liked best but it's safe to say it wasn't the ducks. One nipped her while she was feeding it and she immediately said, "Bye bye duck." Haha.

my wild animal on the tram
thanks for taking me to the zoo gramma!
up close and personal with the elephants. and yes we are in shorts in December!

not too sure about the lorikeets but none the less was intrigued.

obsessed with brushing the goats. pretty sure santa is gonna have to bring a goat next xmas. that a goat i haven't brushed yet?

yup. nailed it.
all fun and games until someone gets a duck bite.:)
she insisted on riding the "horse." which was actually an okapi
five seconds after we got in the car... :)
We seriously had such a fun time and can't wait to go back! Thanks Gramma and Grampa for such a nice treat!

my shirt: here
Blair's romper: here
Blair's shoes: here

Oh and if you want to check out some video footage from the day...


  1. Looks like an amazing time!! Can't wait to take Ethan there! And love that B told that duck off...too cute!

  2. What a fun trip! Our day of mourning is Thursday :(. I too could get used to us both being home, if only money grew on trees!

  3. I went to SDSU and it bums me out I never visited the Wild Animal Park in San Diego!

  4. OMG. Love that little face...and the pic of her and the little goat is priceless.

  5. Just found your blog through Little Baby Garvin...Blair is too cute! Loved the pictures of your day at the Safari park, makes me excited for future outings with my 7 week old daughter Isabel :)


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