Santa! I know him!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Isn't it funny how when  you have kids Christmas is SO much more fun than it was with just the two of you? I can't. even. wait. to see Blair's face when we come down the stairs TOMORROW!

Today I am hosting a sit down meal for 30 people but it's really NBD because it's potluck style. All I'm in charge of is tablescaping (which I love!) and one appetizer. Easy. Buuuuut I will use that as my excuse for my skimpy post.

Santa came to visit B a little early...

you bet she ate all the pancake, chocolate, and whipped cream. left the strawberries for me :/

Santa! I know him!

checking to see if his beard is real ;)
And plus maybe my post is skimpy because it's Christmas! I'm happy to report that I'm spending some quality time with my family making some sweet memories. Whether it is Santa pancakes or telling the Christmas story to Blair for the 24th night in a row I'm soaking it all in. I never want to forget the sweet way she says "Jesus" or the eagerness she displays to hear me read her Bible. I hope that she remembers the excitement of Christmas traditions and the importance of why we celebrate it. Merry Christmas dear friends!

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  1. Love this! I have to do this next year! Merry Christmas!


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