Scary Claus

Monday, December 16, 2013

There was so much Christmas action going on here this weekend it was like the North Pole on crack! We baked a crap-ton amount of chocolate covered peanut butter balls, purchased our Christmas tree, finished putting up the lights, and sat on Santa's lap. Well... one of us did anyway. ;) Let me help you get a better picture of B's Santa experience...

The girl wouldn't shut up about Santa all week. She was talking big game over here:

"Blair, are you going to sit on Santa's lap?"
"Yeah. Santa Santa Santa. Ho ho."
She was even all geeked up in line about it. But when it came down to business she was NOT having it. I mean like scrambling off my lap to get away from the guy. Jolly Old St. Nick was not so jolly to her anymore.
she even made mommy do the shameful Santa picture

then she pulled it together for a family shot

and totally lost her noodle when I made her sit alone
I mean how many kids can say that they made Santa cry? Pretty sure someone is getting coal in her stocking this year. Um, and it's not me. But the kid does make for a good Christmas card... Can't wait to bust this out to her first boyfriend!

And here is what Blair said about Santa afterwards...



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