O Christmas Tree!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

I'm excited to link up today with A Thoughtful Place and Honey We're Home in a grand Christmas tree reveal! While today I am featuring our fake perfect Christmas tree, the real one will be in full effect (once we buy the darn thing) as well. I usually go with a rustic-glam (M's rolling his eyes) look for our fake tree because it's in our living room which has a more glammed up Christmas feel (ie no red or green). Unlike some of the crazy bloggers who change their tree every year (HOW do they afford that?!) ours will be the same forever and ever Amen. So I hope you enjoy it this year, and next, and the one after that...

burlap wired ribbon from JoAnn

target 2012

Target 2012

pier one 2012

target 2012

big fake tree c/o my in-laws!

oh so beautiful at night!
Plus here's a little other snippets of Christmas cheer from that room...

i swapped out a beach photo for a more festive one from our Christmas card photo shoot

coffee table tray and Ralph Lauren candles from homegoods

mini tree from Micaels

metallic tree and cones target 2012 clearance :)

peace pillow homegoods 2012, cozy throw PB
Advent Day 11: Visit the Living Nativity

she loved the sheep

living nativity is not complete without bracelets

yup. i was rockin' post workout hair and attire. yummy.
Today B has a follow up doctor's appointment for her asthma diagnosis a couple weeks ago. We are planning on surprising her nurse/doctor with some starbucks gift cards as part of our Advent calendar. Tis better to give than receive! ;)


  1. LOVE your tree! We have a lot of the same ornaments!! Just gorgeous!

  2. I'm with you! I grew up where our tree looked the same every year and mine will too! The only thing we do is get a few new personalized ornaments each year. We only have a little tree now so it makes me want to think long and hard what I want our big tree to look like since it won't be changing much year to year! Regardless, your tree is beautiful!

  3. Beautiful tree! I adore your white lights. I finally convince my husband that next year we're putting up white lights, since he has had his colored ones on the tree for the past three years!

  4. I know what you mean! I see these other bloggers who decorate for Christmas completely different every year, and I always wonder, what about the family traditions? the decorations that the kids love and identify with Christmas? I use the same things every year. For example, my Christmas Village. It takes up a large space, but if I didn't put it out, my kids would not feel like it was Christmas. So even though I am tired of it, it makes it way out each year because of them. I do try to change things up and add something different each year, but it is always using mostly the same things. Like my Lennox ornament collection. That isn't going anywhere!


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