Daddy's Girl

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Dad and his girl. It doesn't get any sweeter than that (unless it's a Mama and her girl!). I LOVE all the sweetness that Carrie captured between M and B. They really do have the most tender relationship. She asks about her Dada all day long while he's at work (what am I not enough?!). And I just love how she runs full speed to the door when she hears him come home.

she's obsessed with tongues. for real.

and kissing :)

and finding her own tongue

i love her sweet smile here

and here

waving hi

practicing her massaging skills
forever daddy's girl
And let's play catch up on some advent calendar activities...

Day 4: Kiss under the mistletoe (daddy did this while I was away)

Day 5: Give a gift to a child in need (gave to Angel Tree at our church)

Day 6: Read a Christmas book (daddy tackled this one too)

Day 7: Go to a Christmas party
a birthday party counts right?
Day 8: Put up the nativity scene (need to actually do this with her)

Clearly, I'm kinda slackin' on the photos of everything but tomorrow is a new day and it's time for me to get serious! We STILL haven't got our real tree yet. But for sure it's happening this week! Tomorrow night we head over to the living nativity at our church. B went last year and really enjoyed it. Tis the Season!


  1. Those pictures are all frame worthy!

  2. Awe she will treasure these photos as she gets older!

  3. These photos are darling!! So special and something you'll all treasure forever. Such a sweet bond between those two!


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