Holiday Happenings

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Last weekend we attended a wedding for Matt's cousin. It just so happened to be in the same church where we got married! It was pretty surreal to be back in the place where we tied the knot with our now 21 month old! We decided all weddings need to have a "cry room" in the back of the sanctuary. M and I camped out in there while B explored unfamiliar toys. For once we both enjoyed the ceremony and weren't sweating bullets over her squawking.

rockin' the dress she wore on her birthday and her clown hair ;)

party of three!
 On Sunday we (finally!) picked out our Christmas tree and started decorating it. B LOVES putting ornaments on and is quite the helper.

her favorite: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

and the first of many handmade ornaments...this one comes from her Bible Study
Make sure you stop by tomorrow for my Mom's famous peanut butter ball recipe. I will be linking up with Natasha from Schue Love.


  1. Love the Mickey Mouse clubhouse ornament! It's in Carter's stocking! The perfect ornament for this year since he's obsessed with it!

  2. Curious to see if your pb balls are Buckeye Balls... I'm going to be a buckeye factory later today!

  3. Love her in her lace dress...such a little lady! And yay for linking up tomorrow! Can't wait to check out your PB balls! ;)

  4. Oh I love that Mickey Mouse ornament! Where did you find it? I've been searching for one all month!

    1. it's from hallmark but was sold out by the time i got around to ordering it. i found it on ebay but paid double the price! :(


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